Bronze Transfer Pump
Model: BP21X
Product Information
Based on Loren Simer's original bronze paddle pump the Decko Products BP21x bronze transfer pump is built to last. Made from 85/5/5/5 bronze the pump features a stainless steel impeller shaft and fasteners. The pump will develop 30 psi and handles liquids up to 180˚ F. The BP21x is great for draining and filling heating and hot water systems. The BP21x works best when paired with a 1/2hp 1725 electric motor. The "X" type impeller handles most flammable and corrosive liquids*.
*Not recommended for ethanol use - click here to see chemical chart for compatible liquids.
Model Number: BP21X
Suction & Discharge Size: 1"
Impeller Shaft Size: 5/8"
Construction: 85/5/5/5 Bronze
Impeller: "X" Type
Impeller Warranty: 90 Days
Pump Warranty: 90 Days
HEAD 5' 10' 25' 35' 45' 55' 65'
GPM 28 25 15 10 6 3 .5
GPH 1680 1500 900 600 360 180 30
  Performance based on using 1/2hp, 1725 rpm motor  
Product Images
Bronze Transfer Pump
Model: BP21X
  BP21X Impeller
Impeller Model: 53x
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